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Pursuant to § 18 cock-No. 250/2007 Z.z. of the Body of Laws Consumer Protection published by SVK Investments Ltd., established Einsteinova 19, Bratislava, ID: 47383127, VAT number: SK2023844339, registered in BA I., vl.č. 91581 / B, odd Ltd, tel. No. 02/20 91 04 04, e -mail: ("the seller") Complaints procedure, which informs consumers about the scope, conditions and procedures regarding the application of the liability for defects of products and services (hereinafter as ”the claim”), including the information about where ads may apply and perform warranty repairs.

Article I.


  1. The Complaints Procedure is an integral part of the  General Conditions of the seller and it is governed by the buyer in accordance with the legislation in force, in particular the Consumer Protection Act no. 250/2007 of the Body of Laws and the Civil Code, as amended Complaint goods acquired by the seller.
  2. The buyer, who may be either be an entrepreneur or a consumer is required to comply with the Complaint Rules and the Terms and Conditions before ordering the goods .
  3. Before sending their order, the purchaser declares that they have been duly informed about the Complaints Procedure.
  4. If this does not define the term, Complaints procedure may be understood in the sense in which it is defined in the GCC. Provided it is not defined there, it is to be understood in the sense used by the valid and effective legislation.
  5. As the proof of the warranty, the seller provides a proof of purchase for every order (an invoice – hereinafter as “the warranty”) containing all information necessary for the application of safeguards (in particular, the product name, the length of warranty, price, quantity or serial number).
  6. The warranty document involves the business name of the seller, their identification number and registered office. Normally, however, provided the nature of the case permits, instead of the warranty card, the purchaser is issued the proof of purchase containing that information by the seller.
  7. If given the need to provide guarantees, the seller shall explain the content of the guarantee understandably, indicating its scope, conditions, validity period and how they can be claimed on the investment. The warranty of the seller shall also state that the guarantee does not affect the rights of the purchaser, which is bound to purchase.
  8. An extended warranty must be made in accordance with the warranty conditions given by the manufacturer and any related advertising, in which case the guarantee certificate always includes the above-mentioned requirements and is issued in accordance with the above mentioned conditions.


Article II.

Expiration date


  1. The warranty period begins on the date of acceptance in principle by the purchaser, i.e. the date specified in the warranty.
  2. The deadline for exerting the right of liability for defects in the goods is 24 months for the consumer, if the law does not provide for a specific period longer. The seller may extend the statutory period. The warranty period is composed of the statutory period (24 months) and possibly extended warranty period. The warranty period is further extended by the period during which the goods is the subject of the complaint. Rights from liability for defects of goods during the warranty period shall expire if not exerted within the warranty period.
  3. The period of application of the law of liability for defects after the repair of the goods is not counted in the warranty period. In case of the exchange of goods, the warranty period shall come into effect again based on the receipt of new products.
  4. In case of the purchaser, that being a consumer, the statutory warranty period reclaim is governed by the Act No. 40/1964 of the Body of Laws, The Civil Code and the Law no. 250/2007 of the Body of Laws consumer protection laws both in force and effect as amended, taking the clarifications in this Complaint Procedure into account. The extension shall be governed exclusively by this Complaints Procedure.


Article III.

Procedure for Applying Ads – Place, Time Limits, Method


  1. The place for lodging a complaint is the shop of Digitalgolf, Einsteinova 19, 851 01 Bratislava.
  2. A purchaser who is not a consumer is required to check the delivery together with the carrier status of the consignment immediately (the number of packages, the integrity of the tape with company logo, damaged box) according to the enclosed packing slip. The buyer is entitled to refuse to accept the delivery, which is not in conformity with the contract with the fact that it is the consignment. If such a damaged shipment from the shipper is taken over by the purchaser, it is necessary to describe the damage in the handover protocol of the shipper.
  3. An incomplete or damaged shipment is to be notified immediately by email, the claims record shall be written and reported without delay, sent by means of fax, e-mail or post to the seller. Additional incompleteness or external damage to the shipment does not relieve the purchaser the right thing to advertise, but give the seller the opportunity to demonstrate that the lack of conformity with the contract.
  4. The purchaser may claim for defective goods sent to the shipping service to address service vendor or authorized service center. Merchandise should be carefully secured to avoid the damage the during transport, the package should be clearly marked as "complaint" and include the following: defective goods (including all accessories), a copy of the purchase document, a detailed description of the error and sufficient contact information of the purchaser (especially the return address and tel. number) and a copy of proof of payment of the purchase price. Without the above mentioned, it is impossible to identify the origins and defects of the goods. This procedure is also recommended in case of a consumer purchaser, if proved, and the foregoing does not prove otherwise. We also recommend that you select a desired mode of the complaint (see below). The person having a claim in the complaint shall also, in a desired way, notify the facilities and returns (contact postal address, e-mail).
  5. In case of a purchaser who is not a consumer, the guarantee proves presentation of proof of purchase; provided the goods claimed in the past, also have the proof of claim. On the delivery note (purchasing or complaint document), there must be the same serial number as the one of the claimed product (if there is any). This procedure is also recommended in case of a purchaser who is a consumer, if proven and can demonstrate foregoing otherwise.


Article IV.


  1. The warranty applies to malfunctions due to manufacturing defect goods. The warranty does not cover defects in the goods – defects caused by:
    1. natural wear and tear
    2. use non-compliance (incorrect operation and maintenance contrary to operating instructions or neglecting care products)
    3. mechanical damage of the product, including random, particularly damage to plastic or metal parts
    4. improper electrical interference, power surges or electrostatic discharge treatment
    5. natural disasters or superior force 
    6. operation in unsuitable environment and damage by improper operation
    7. converting unqualified or change parameters.
  2. These restrictions do not apply if the goods have properties that are in conflict with the foregoing, the purchaser and seller expressly agreed or declared by the seller, or they can be expected from the advertising done or the normal application of the goods.
  3. The goods sent to the complaint shall be tested only on the error indicated by the purchaser (the claim form or the accompanying letter describing the error). For entry errors, we recommend writing ..


Article V.

The Complaint Process

If the buyer is a consumer: If the buyer is a consumer, they have, depending on the nature of the error in the application of the statutory guarantee, the following rights:

  1. In the case of a removable defect, the right for a free, proper and timely removal of defects, replacement of the defective product or defective part, if it is not due to the disproportionate nature of the defect. If no such procedure is possible, the right for a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdrawal from the contract,
  2. If the defect is irreparable to the proper use of property, the right to exchange defective goods or to withdraw from the contract, the same consumer rights include the case, although the avoidable mistakes, however, if the purchaser is not for the repeated occurrence of defects after the repair or a greater number of errors the thing properly taking. For the repeated occurrence of the error is considered particularly if the same bug preventing proper use, which was under warranty for at least twice clearance, occurs again. A greater number of errors means that there are, at the same time, at least three defects preventing its proper use,
  3. In the case of other errors indelible and in case the consumer does not require the exchange of the item, the right for a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdrawal from the contract,
  4. When the consumer purchaser decides to claim immediately, it shall be done so, in complicated cases, within three working days. This period does not include the time appropriate for the type of a product or service needed to vocational assessment errors. Claims, including the removal of defects shall be responded by the seller without undue delay, within 30 days from the date of the claim. The 30-day period may be extended upon submission of a complaint by agreement with the consumer – such an extension shall be for an indefinite or unreasonably long. After this period, it is considered that the fault of things actually never occurred, and the consumer has the same rights as if it was a mistake that cannot be removed. This period is not mandatory for the purchaser who is an entrepreneur and thus its relationship with the seller of the Commercial Code governs.
  5. The purchaser consumer shall receive a written confirmation of when the claim was raised, what is the content of what way the complaint is required, and email directly from the receipt of the complaint (in the case of personal application is forwarded immediately);
  6. The purchaser shall receive a further confirmation of the date and method of complaint within 30 days of receipt of the claim, including the confirmation of formats repairs and duration of complaints, or reasons for refusal of the claim. The purchaser is entitled to reimbursement of necessary costs (especially shipping to pay when sending the claimed goods) incurred in connection with the implementation of the right of rights from liability for errors (we apply no later than 30 days after the settlement of the claim – the statutory period is not affected) and were actually incurred and efficiently. In case of withdrawal due to an error case, the consumer is also entitled to reimbursement for such withdrawal.
  7. The right to withdrawl remains unaffected and will not be restricted by the exchange policy or the money back guarantee.

If the buyer is a company:   

  1. If it is a mistake that cannot be removed and which prevents the matter can be properly used as a thing without any errors, the seller is entitled to exchange defective goods for goods with the same or similar performance or issue a credit note.
  2. Upon completion of a justified claim the warranty period is extended by the duration of the claim. In case of an unjustified claim, the warranty period shall not be extended. If the claim goods legal warranty provided with goods in exchange for new warranty period begins to run again from the date of the complaint. The duration of the complaint shall be calculated from the day after the submission of a complaint to the date of the complaint, i.e. the period on which the purchaser must take over the thing. The equipment of the customer is informed by an e-mail, which stated already in purchasing.
  3. After a complaint to the seller notifies the buyer's termination claim by telephone, text message or e-mail. As will be shipped shipping service facilities will be automatically sent to the address of the buyer.
  4. For answer goods claimed within one month of the expiry of the time when the claim should be made, and if performed later than one month from notification of its execution (i.e., generally within 60 days of the date of the claim), the seller, pursuant to § 656 of the Civil Code entitled to charge expenses in the amount of the claim for storage.
  5. When handing over a complaint to the buyer, they are obliged to submit evidence on which the case was taken to the complaint and must prove his identity card or valid passport.
  6. The right to withdrawl remains unaffected and will not be restricted by the exchange policy or the money back guarantee.

Article VI.

Final provisions

  1. This Complaints Procedure is valid from 11.01.2014 The Complaints Procedure is available at the registered office of the seller or as a document for
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