How to improve your golf game with visualization

If you are in management or if you work with people in different way, it’s probable that you’ve already met with these topics on company workshops or maybe you are the one who is organizing them and that’s great!

Are you asking why? The reason is simple. You are one step closer to using these methods for improvement of your golf game! Nowadays it’s no secret that many professional golf players have not only strength and cardio trainers but mental trainers as well. These help them to increase their focus, work with their goals more effectively and keep in mind the results. 

Dr. Glen Albaugh, one of the pioneers of mental coaching in golf, believes that golf players can learn as much as possible via observation, feedback and self-realization. They need to realize where they are and where they want to be if they want to improve progressively. 

One of the key techniques that you can use to effectively improve your game is a method of creative visualization. 

What is a visualization in golf?

Simply said it’s a process where you project the flight of your golf ball before you hit it. Of course, the more precise projection, the better the result. 

You should try it even if you think it’s strange and you don’t believe it. Put your skepticism aside and give a chance to this more and more popular method. At the end you could be mesmerized much more than you can imagine. Golf legends like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus swear on it!

1.    Set a goal

Set a goal and pick a club that is the most suitable for its achievement. In your mind pick a club the same way as you do it on the playground. Keep attention to details – keep a perfect posture, examine your emotions. Do everything the same way as in reality, because we know that where goes the attention there goes our energy and strength. 

2.    Visualize your goal

Before you hit the ball visualize its flight from the moment of contact with your club to the moment of landing. How high will your ball fly and when it starts to rotate? Are you going to play draw or fade? Which trajectory is the ball going to take? Think about these details and include them in your visualization.

Imagine yourself standing firmly on the ground and the emotions that you feel when hitting the ball. Are you self-confident with a precise projection in your mind or are you not? The more precise projection, the better. You can close your eyes and imagine the perfect image in your mind.

3.    Get it done and evaluate

When you have and exact projection of what your stroke should look like, get it done. Hit the ball and observe how it flies through air. Is it the same as in your projection that you created in your mind or is more practice necessary?

Think about your emotions and focus when you were playing good and vice versa. Where was your attention and what were your emotions when you were not proud of your game? 

4.    Repeat, repeat, repeat

The key to success is a regular practice throughout the whole golf season. Working with visualization has the same repetitive character as establishing a new habit. Repetition and regular practise create a common routine that becomes a natural and subconscious habit.

Yes, it will need a lot of patience and different attitude. But the time spent with mental preparation will prove as a great investment and more effective game and lower handicap will be a very nice reward for your determination and endurance.

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