Conquer green with a high quality golf equipment

Conquer green with a high quality golf equipment



Sun, heat, water! Yes, summer is in a full swing but not just it! Our beloved golf season as well so if you’re not spending these hot days on vacation, green or at the pool, have a look at our unique sale and make happy yourself or someone else.


We’ve chosen for you products from the professional golf brand such as Callaway Golf, Galvin Green, Cleveland Golf, Taylormade, Nike Golf or Puma Golf which you can have for incredible prices now.



1. Treat yourself with new clubs or a set


Are you thinking about exchanging a complete golf set or do you want to upgrade your set with a new club to increase your chance of success on green?


Take a moment and consider how would you like to upgrade your game and choose a golf club accordingly.

Beginners can bet on improvement of their swing with investment into a driver with higher loft, advanced players will improve the direction of a ball flight with our fairway woods.


2. There is never enough golf balls


Every golf player knows the situation. You arrive on green with a complete set of brand new golf balls and you go home with a few of them missing. Simply said, there is never enough golf balls.


We know now, that a proper choice of suitable golf balls can influence your game as much as a precise choice of clubs. Choose the balls that are suitable for your style of game.


Would you like 2 piece balls with simpler construction that are great for longer flight of the ball or do you prefer 3-4 piece ones for advanced player that allow to control strike for short distances?


Thanks to our prices you can test more kinds now and choose those that are the most suitable for you. Buy golf balls that will make your game a breeze.



3. New outfit for a king of a golf green


Nowadays, golf wear combines classical golf style with a modern and innovative functional material. Golf is still a game of gentlemen so most of the players are still very keen about their wardrobe.


Enter a second half of the summer with a stylish polo shirt that pulls moisture and sweat from the skin and provides with a feeling of maximal freshness during a hot summer day. Complement it with trousers of simple design and elegant shoes, that will provide your feet with a support in different conditions.


Create an outfit that will allow you to go straight from the office to green and the look of a king of the golf green is ready!


Don’t underestimate an importance of golf equipment and wear if you are taking golf seriously. Investment into a quality is worth it, so have a look at our offer and upgrade your equipment with new, practical pieces.

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